I really love this description of birthing and post-partum. http://bostonshumways.blogspot.com/2011/04/reality.html and http://bostonshumways.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-birth-story.html.  Yay for women!


Boys are disgusting…

April 24, 2011

Dennis, Jamen, Eli
Mom:  Eli, what do you want for breakfast?
Eli:  Poop
Eli praying:  Dear Heavenly Father, Please bless the poop.  We’re thankful for our food…..
Eli:  Knock, Knock
Anyone:  Who’s there?
Eli:  Poop.
Anyone:  Poop who?
Eli:  Clean me up. 
(In case you can’t tell, Eli’s obsessed with poop.  For this reason and a few others, I’ve banned the Captain Underpants series.) 
Jamen B.:  Once in our old apartments there was some grey stuff on the wall.  I picked it off and ate it.  It tasted disgusting. 
Mom:  Gross!  It was probably a booger.  (Comment made to warn him not to eat anything unidentifiable that’s stuck on walls.)
Jamen B.:  It wasn’t a booger because boogers taste good. 
Recently I found Dennis in the extra bathroom using a big wooden spoon to stir the water in the toilet.  He knows it’s a toilet “bowl”, alright!
In other news, I’m mostly busy with work…  Slower due to the tax season and Spring has sprung.  I’ve been planting perenials in the flower garden in our fron ward and poppies (at least I think that’s what they are) are coming up everywhere.  We’re getting the vegetable garden ready to plant.  Eventually, I’d like to have a raised bed, but I think it will take a few years to build it up.   I splurged and bought some raspberry plants.  It’ll probably be a year before they grow. 
Jamen has been busy with the kids.  He’s a good dad and not much of a house keeper.  Oh well…  At least I have someone I trust to be with the boys while I’m at work. 

Spring Vacation Fun!

March 30, 2011

Eli at Monkey Business.

Jamen B. on the climbing wall.


Superslide at Monkey Business.


Dennis at Monkey Business. March 30, 2011


Reading with Granny

We had a fun “stay-cation” for Spring Vacation.   The most exciting for the boys was that Granny, Grandma and Grandpa Underwood visited.

Eli riding the Red Fire Truck.

Dennis on the Red Fire Truck.
Dad reading to the boys. End of February 2011.
Getting them to smile at the same tim can be a challenge!
The 3 stooges… End of February 2010


Dennis cheesing it. End of February 2011.

 It’s been too long since I’ve taken a picture of my boys, so I gathered them together and this is the result.  Love you my 3 little boys and my 1 big boy!


Eli’s Birthday

February 20, 2011


The Boys

February 2, 2011

My boys are adorable!  I really need to post more pics…  They’re such a source of entertainment for Big J and me. 

Dennis blowing kisses. 

Dennis lifting weights. February 2011


The 3 stooges. February 2011

And just to prove we’re here:

Hello! Big J and L. February 2011

Eli’s birthday

January 20, 2011

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More pics to come…  He had a birthday party with friends, but we had to put it off ’cause our family had colds.